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Mental Health Friendly (English)

Improving social inclusion and employability through English Language Training

Mental Health Friendly (MHF) is a Social Inclusion project for people with mental health problems. MHF facilitates access to quality English Language Training.

English is an inclusive activity, facilitating and improving cognitive and social skills while also improving employment opportunities. It also raises awareness of the issue of mental health and mental health problems, helping to fight against the stigma associated with mental illness.

Why we need this project?

According to World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 4 people experience a mental health disorder at some time during their lives. And 9% of the world’s population already have a diagnosis of a mental health disorder.

One in four teachers, one in four students, too.

Most of these people experience their first symptoms in their youth, dropping out of education and training and having difficulty entering the labour market. Many of these people are unemployed (90% in Spain).

In addition to symptoms arising from the disorder itself, they also face other problems:

  • Suffering stigma and rejection
  • Having less employment opportunities
  • Reduced participation in the community and fewer personal relationships

These social problems worsen the illness and further deteriorate the person’s well-being.



Through the medium of quality English Language Training, MHF improves quality of life and facilitates greater social inclusion and employment opportunities for people with mental health problems.

How we do it. Key activities

Training and inclusion Training the trainers and awareness about mental health
  • Introducing English via “Pedagogical Suitcase”
  • Specialised Classes within mental health community services
  • Integration in regular classes through special agreements and scholarships
  • Lesson Plan Competition
  • Train the trainers and recommendations for teachers
  • Creating alliances with the education community.


“I hadn’t studied English since school. The classes helped me regain interest in the language and get new knowledge. It is a first step to studing English at a school for adults.”
Rafa, Mental Health Friendly student

“During three hours per week, he forgets about his mental health problems and he is a student like anyone else. Every one of my ten students is different from each other”.
English Teaching
Professional at Oxford Housetalking about the scholarship student.